The Auld Triangle

Glen Hansard & Damien Dempsey release ‘The Auld Triangle’ in Ireland on Friday 3rd December, 2010 to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, (SVP).

“We recorded this song to highlight and raise funds for the work of Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which includes offering help to the many households each day in Ireland who are having difficulty keeping the lights on. You can help...”   
Damien Dempsey & Glen Hansard (Nov 2010)

The single will be available to buy in stores and to download from iTunes. The single features three tracks:

1. The Auld Triangle
2. Raglan Road
3. Not on Your Own Tonight (Part 2)

‘The Auld Triangle’ and ‘Raglan Road’ were recorded by Karl Odlum and mixed by John Reynolds in November 2010.  ‘Not On Your Own Tonight’ is taken from Dempsey’s album ‘To Hell Or Barbados’ (Expanded Edition). 

The single artwork features a brilliant illustration by Eyebrowy. Everyone involved in the production of this single has donated their time and services.

A portion of the proceeds of this record will be donated to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) to assist them in the valuable work that they do.
·    Calls for assistance to SVP are up by 50% this year in some parts of the country
·    1 in 4 of all calls are coming from people who have never contacted SVP before
·    SVP are seeing an increase in calls and letters from people who are ‘newly in need’ and note the shame, panic and stress that this new situation is causing these individuals and families

"We are absolutely delighted that Damien and Glen are using their their creative and musical talent to provide support for the work of the Society. The SVP is the largest direct service, non-profit charity in Ireland. We help individuals and families who are struggling to cope, often to ensure that there is light in the home and food on the table. We are there also for people who need help, often financial; who are in despair or who are alone. Our need for funds this year is absolutely vital and everyone who purchases a copy of the record will be making a very welcome contribution to our work”.  Mairead Bushnell, National President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP).

The SVP provide support to people in need in communities. This support is offered in a non-judgemental spirit of trust and confidentiality, and is always respectful of people's dignity.

The SVP depend almost entirely on donations from the public to help them continue their vital work. By purchasing this single you are contributing to their annual appeal and offering hope to those who need it most.

The SVP has 9,500 volunteers working in 1,200 local groups countrywide who give their time for free so that your donation can be used directly to provide help and hope to those who need it the most in your local community.

For more information about the Society of the St. Vincent de Paul and how you can help please visit their website