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No Love Lost... or... saying goodbye to an old loveI spent a joyful evening rooting through the history of my attic tonight.

A mission that had me looking for old speakers, and old hi fi system, and an old tape deck.

All to answer the question "Is it him or me?"

I went to see David Gray this week you see.

Monday night Live in the Opera House Wexford. Every pour of my being aching to see him again, having come off seeing Glen Hansard play in Eschende, Hauge, Wrowclaw, Warsaw and Wangles, Germany.

And what a wonderful way to start the night. A hug from Claire Leadbitter and ColmMc all in the space of 5 minutes. A red wine that was actually really nice. A night in wexford walking around the city where I gave one of my spare david gray tickets to a guy simply busking on the street who said something to me like "Man.... this is like... this is what... this is why I do it man".

And a burger and chips in the "Thomas Moore Tavern" where the owner regaled me with the history of one of Irelands most famous singer song writers of old.

My night was set up to be a good one. A good one indeed.

The gig did nothing for me.

And I left it thinking "Is it him or is it me?"

When I finally got back to Clontarf where I come from days later I climbed into the attic.... a difficult affair in those old houses as one can not stand on the roof, but only the beams..... lest one plunge though to the room below. Something I achieved once in a comedy of errors that saw my foot plunge through to the bedroom below.... and the shoe that parted from my foot hitting my father below in the bed square in the side/top of his head...

I dug out my old stereo.... and the two speakers that came with it.... I hooked the little red and black wires.... with their little copper tips... into the right sections.... in that way one has to do with those old stereos...

I then got the tape deck part which was "extra" to the original... and hooked that in again. Again with a lot of black and red wires and thumbable clip ports.

I then rooted through the 120 or so bootlegs of Van Morrison gigs I still have in the attic. I collected them from "Rhythm Records" on the Quays as I grew up. That ever so yellow shop that used to exist near the Happenny Bridge. WEEKS of pocket money going on each one just to hear Van play the same songs in that Subtely different way he did each time.

And I found it.

There it was, still in that photocopied on yellow paper sleeve that Rhythm Records was so good at.

David Gray... live in the Temple Bar Music Centre.

The Third of the Four nights he did there over a decade ago while I was still doing the Leaving cert.

I turned the lights off. I opened the curtains and windows and let the twilight enter the room and my head.

I played the tape.

And 60 or 70 minutes into the gig... around the time where Gray played "shine" but broke a string... and some wanker in the audience called out "Play another Mary black song david" and Gray gave the guy the finger and played an angry and VERY riled up version that was to die for of "Living Room"

I said to myself.

Its not me.

Its him.

But what a night. Claire, Colm, David. Busker dude who fell in love with me for a ticket. Knowledgable guy in the Moore Tavern who loves irish music more than anyone I know. And the "little guy" I "lent" the money to who was waiting for me outside the Gray gig (a whole other story) just to give me the money back.... What a night. Memories are made of days like these.

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  • Foofur
  • Sunday, 15 December 2013 22:43:04 UTC
You should write a bookLoved that.
Would love to hear that recording.

Can't say I had the same feeling when I saw him in Letterkenny a week before you. What he's doing now is miles away from what he did back then, and people will probably love it or hate it. I prefer the first 3 albums to anything on or after white ladder, but he coulda made more of that more mainstream stuff. Now he seems to recognise that he's done enough and is doing something else different again which is cool. But I can understand how people mightn't like it.

Funny how your opinion of music changes. When I was younger, I wanted bands to do the same kinda stuff that I'd liked before. Like I wish the frames would make another Fitz or FTB or whatever. But now I kinda look at it a different way, a band has to move on and make music they feel like making at whatever kinda mood they're in at that time. Like you can't make the same music in your twenties when your in your 40's, I don't think. And that's what makes a good career interesting.

Not disagreeing or challenging anything you've said Gavin. Just thinking and chatting shite really. Is it called theorising? Cause i'm in that kinda mood