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  • IvanL
  • Saturday, 06 April 2019 16:31:08 UTC
Teardrops in my Winecould anyone help me with the lyrics for "Teardrops in my Wine"?. Have most of them but there's some gaps:

Ah bless me father for I have sinned
I kissed the girl and then she ran away
I know what I am
Well I searched and searched and all this time
And all I found is pain
And this bottle of wine
Oh Susie Susie come on back and show me how to be a man again
Well I spend my life just watching and wishing to play

Sometimes there's thunder in the valley
Sometimes it rains without a sign
Every now and then she leaves me
Sometimes there's teardrops in my wine
Running round and wasting all this time

I got a job down south of the border
Pays me well, I'm gonna buy myself a home
I was working for a rich man
son I was spraying cars
He said I was doing a fine job
He was going to keep me on
Now the flowers in the garden they've all died
And there was no water left in the well
And the stream up on the mountains
Taking courses Somewhere else, somewhere else

I dont wanna live in dreams and hopes no more
I've thrown away all I've ever loved
I've thrown it out the door
Kick you to the floor, don't want to see you anymore
I don't know why I wasted all this time