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  • cdn
  • Friday, 20 March 2020 19:38:42 UTC
Odds on Dublin gig in June happening...I assume it's too early to know, but are there any thoughts yet on if the Dublin 30th anniversary gig may be postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak? Hoping to come from Canada for it but a bit hesitant to book a flight at this point given everything going on both sides of the pond. (Also got tickets to New York just in case...)

Hope everyone out there is holding up and staying healthy!

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  • donal
  • Saturday, 21 March 2020 14:32:41 UTC
Too early to know...There's definitely a risk that large events will continue to be rescheduled. Until the health authorities have more data and a longer term plan, we'll have to hold our breath.

Rest assured if there is any change, updates will go out wide and far.