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Last update - 29 October 2004
Maintained by Donal© (donal[at]theframes.ie)


Part 1. About The Messageboard, and How to Get Its Documents
Part 2. Some Very Basic Information About The Band
Part 3. The FAQ Proper: Questions That You Don't Need to Ask
        A. General Questions
        B. Album Covers, Liner Notes, and Other Packaging Questions
        C. Lyrics and Other Music Questions
        D. Questions on The Frames' Live Performances
Part 4. Where To Get More Information about The Frames (Books)
Part 5. The Frames on Video
Part 6. Resources Available on the Internet
Part 7. A Primer on The Frames Bootlegs/Live tapes
Part 8. FAQ Index by Subject
Questions to be answered...

Part 1. About The Messageboard, and How to Get Its Documents

The Frames official messageboard has been in existance for about 3 and a half years now, with the current incarnation of it being used from August 2000. Since Witnness 2001 the usage of the board has more than doubled and there are hundreds of postings everyday.
Due to the large number of requests on the messageboard, it was decided in January 2002 that a FAQ was in order. This is the start of it...
The most recently updated version of the full FAQ can be obtained by:
  • WWW browser to http://www.theframes.ie/v4/faq.shtml; or
  • emailing me, Donal©, to request it (text version only); or
  • when it is occasionally posted to the Frames messageboard @

Lyrics to all of The Frames's albums are available via the Web at Mark Graham's website, http://www.angelfire.com/music4/theframes/
(Note: Mark's files are the consensus lyrics worked out by members of The Frames messageboard and various other people over the years. You may not agree with all of them, but keep in mind that many people have worked very hard to make them as accurate as is humanly possible, so do give them the benefit of the doubt.

Tabs for many Frames and "covered by The Frames" songs are available (thanks to Batgimp) at www.skynet.ie/~scooby/FramesTab5.txt. This is a work in progress and any additions should be emailed to scooby[at]skynet.ie

Over the years, Glen has told many stories at gigs and during interviews about the many songs they have produced. Feel free to send in any of these stories or add to them as necessary.
Please note all email addresses have had the "@" replaced with "[at]" for anti-spam reasons. please replace the "[at]" when sending mail to people listed in this document.

To comment on or make a suggestion for the FAQ, send email to me (redgiant[at]redbrick.dcu.ie).

Part 2. Some Very Basic Information About The Band

The current band members are Glen Hansard (vocals, guitar), Joe Doyle (bass, vocals), Colm MacConIomaire (violin, keyboard, and vocals) and Rob Bochnik (lead guitar) with various people filling in on drums over the past year. Other folks of note are Claire Leadbitter (the band's manager), Sheila MacNally (Merchadising) and my good self (Web maintenance).

Albums to date:
  • Another Love Song, 1991
  • Fitzcaraldo, 1995
  • Fitzcaraldo, 1996
  • Dance The Devil, 1999
  • For The Birds, 2001
  • Breadcrumb Trail, 2002 (released in czech republic only)
  • Set List, 2003
  • Burn the Maps, 2004 (worldwide release - 08 feb 2005)
Singles to date:
  • The Dancer, 1991
  • Picture of Love, 1992
  • Masquerade, 1992
  • Revelate, 1996
  • Monument, 1996
  • Pavement Tune, 1999
  • Lay Me Down, 2001
  • Headlong (EP), 2002
  • Headlong Australian Tour EP, 2002 (released in australia only)
  • Fake, 2003
  • Finally, 2004
Other releases to date:
  • Turn on your recordplayer, 1990
  • I am the magic hand, 1999
  • Come on up to the house, 1999
  • Rent Day Blues, 1999
  • The Roads Outgrown, 2003 (released in the US only)
You will note above that Fitzcaraldo was released twice. See below why... See the Discography for a more complete description of all the official releases.

Part 3. The FAQ Proper


o A1. How do I join the mailing list?

Fill in your email address and subscribe on the following page:

You'll then be added to the official Frames mailing list which keeps you up-to-date with all the various goings-on in relation to gigs, releases and other band related news.

o A2. Where does the name "The Frames" come from?

The Frames are called The Frames because when Glen was small he used to fix all the bicycles in his neighbourhood for his friends. His house had bicycle frames lying all around and Glen could be seen up to his eyeballs in oil and grease with that big smile of his fixing bicycles. His house became known as the house with the frames. Hence the name The Frames.

o A3. Where can I get my hands on a copy of Another Love Song?

This 1991 Island Records release has been unavailable for many years now. There are a number of different places where you can pick up second-hand copies of it. The best places to try are:

If you really really want a copy of it, someone on the messageboard might burn you a copy. ;-)

o A4. Where is Dave Odlum?

Dave Odlum left the band in November 2001 to spend more time on the production side of music. In the past 2 years he's been involved with releases by Gemma Hayes, The Frames, Josh Ritter, Halite and Mic Christopher.

o A5. Who is Noreen?

Noreen O'Donnell was a singer in The Frames DC when they first started out and appears on Another Love Song and Fitzcarraldo. It seems she left the band sometime between the recording of Another Love Song and Fitzcarraldo.

She sang with the band for two songs during the New Year Eve gig on 31st December 2001.

o A6. Do members of the band post on the messageboard / chat online?

Yes - members of the band read the borad regularly and will follow-up to questions and other comments at various points. An effort to keep a Tour Diary on the site flopped a bit as the tour schedules mean the lads are unable to post updates on a daily basis.

o A7. What's the latest on the DVD?

This is what Claire had to say in mid February 2002- "but dont hold yer breath on that one.....take it out of the equation at the moment...cx". No updates have been received since, so it'll be a few years yet I'ld guess...

B. Album Covers, Liner Notes, and Other Packaging Questions

o B1. What does the number on the 'dance the devil' album mean?

We've asked the relevant people and it doesn't have any specific meaning - it's just a number. ;)

C. Lyrics and Other Music Questions

No questions / answers here yet!

D. Questions on The Frames' Live Performances

o D1. What's the story with Dave Hingerty's Don Johnson suit at the beginning of the Irish Tour in November 2001?

A couple of days before the gig in the Olympia, the lads were discussing what they were going to wear - so that they didn't clash!! But decided to go for suits - glen, joe, dave o and colm scraped the idea shortly after, but neglected to tell dave h - so he turned up in his suit!! He looked great in it too...

o D2. What's the story about Glen's guitar going missing in the Czech Republic?

Story goes along the lines of...

After a gig in the Czech Republic, Glen was walking out of the venue with his two guitars and ended up leaving both of his guitar's lying in the middle of the street, after an invite to a party... The next morning Glen got a phone call from the venue asking if he had left a guitar behind... He headed straight down to find that only one guitar was there. The black fender telecaster was gone!!

Posters, radio announcements and even a TV plea I believe were made, but there was no immediate success and Glen headed back to Irish shores...
About a week later, Glen got a call from the venue again and to his amazement the guitar had been left outside the venue and found in the morning... It was in tune and in perfect condition. As a thank you, Glen went back over and played a gig in the venue.

One strange occurance though was the white cross that had adorned the fender for the past while had gone. Glen mentioned at a later gig how it had been put there previously by Jason Molina of Songs:Ohia (Glen had lent his guitar to him at some stage). Glen didnt want to ask what it was (at the time), so he didnt. When glen saw Jason after he got the tele back he asked him what the white cross had meant. turned out it was a protection spell.

Part 4. Where To Get More Information about The Frames (Books/Magazines)

Nothing here yet!
Part 5. The Frames on Video

o How many videos the Frames have made so far for the singles?

According to my sources there are videos for the following songs...

  • The Dancer
  • Revelate
  • Monument
  • God Bless Mom
  • Star Star
  • Lay Me Down
  • Headlong
  • Fake

o What's the story with the video from Revelate?

"I think the way we did our video had a lot to do with a buzz happening around us," says Odlum. With no money left after the recording of the album, the group was stuck on how to make a clip for their favorite track "Revelate." "We had a friend whose mum worked in the Postal Office," says Odlum. "So we decided to wait until she was on a lunch break, and we went in an put a video tape in the security camera, we did our video during the break, and put her original tape back when she came back." The video which cost four dollars to make, became a cult-hit in Ireland. Says Hansard: "A friend of ours put it on a local video show there and people loved it. Then we got it on an even bigger show, and it got even more requests."

Eventually, this homemade security clip was nominated for an MTV Europe award.

Part 6. Resources Available on the Internet

o Where can I get the 'Here Comes the Night' recording?

On 30th December 2001, the lads did a 2 hour session on TodayFM. There have been many queries about CDs, MP3s, etc
The easiest way to get hold of the tracks is to go to www.davidrochford.com, a fansite that has kindly hosted a large number of frames tracks pver the last year or so...

Someone created some CD covers and they are available from here. I'll credit whoever it is, so drop me a mail if it was you. :-)

o Where can I find photos from gigs on the Internet?

These collections of gig photos have been provided by fans who post on the messageboard:

  • 23-30 January 2002 - Eastern European Tour :: photos ::
  • 18 January 2002 - Birmingham, England :: photos ::
A "your images" section has also been added to the images section and links to photos are regular posted to the messageboard.

Part 7. A Primer on The Frames Bootlegs/Live tapes

Items will be added to here very soon.
Part 8. FAQ Index by Subject

In alphabetical order:

Questions to be answered...

If you know the answer or have a question you want answered, drop me a mail...
  • What is the sound at the end of the 'Neath the Beaches track?
  • What's the sound glen makes during star, star ** on set list?


In no particular order:
Donal Hunt / donal[at]theframes.ie
Official Frames FAQ at
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