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newsletter - july 2009

testing... testing... 1... 2... 3

how you all doin? some of you are worried that you may have dropped off the radar, so, im sending out this to say that you probably haven't - its just that i havent sent a newsletter in a while.  a goodly proportion of you will undoubtedly have already heard the news, but for those that dont check into the msgboard too often, or hang out on myspace sites etc, ill fill you in...

all is good. all have been busy. the lads and mar now taking a little well earned break before all the madness starts on the touring and promoting of the new record front.  she's finally finished and she's mastered and she's sitting in a factory waiting for her artwork clothes so she can get dressed and come out into the world.  the lads have been in and out of the studio between tours this past year, recording with peter katis at his tarquin studio base in connecticut.  twelve tracks made the final cut for the record.  low rising, feeling the pull, in these arms, the rain, fantasy man, paper cup, high horses (one of my favorites..), the verb, i have loved you wrong, back broke.  album title is 'strict joy'.  inspired by the poem strict care, strict joy by irish authour james stephens.   for the recording of this new swell season record, glen and mar were joined in the studio by colm, joe and rob from the frames, along with graham hopkins on percussion.  they also roped in some beautiful additions in the shape of javier mas, thomas bartlett, chad taylor and two chaps from levon helms band - steven bernstein and clark gayton.  

the album was scheduled for a release in late september, BUT, im sorry to say, we've had to push that back a bit to late october.  specifically october the 23rd in ireland on plateau, 26th oct in europe & 27th oct in the states on anti and 27th oct on spunk in australia.  korea and japan should also have a release if you are reading from those territories too - around the same time on sonybmg.

and for those that are asking - yes - we are working on a vinyl release too. nice gatefold affair.  just busy here getting it all together and getting the touring sorted out.  im REALLY sorry to say that as the release date got pushed back and we were due to start the touring from september in america - the american touring now will be happening through november and the european dates which WERE in november are being rescheduled for january and february.  i know its a bummer and i really hate having to move gigs that have been on sale, but, this is the best plan of action for us all at this point.  on the upside, it means that i have more time for a stop in manchester and scotland as well as london in mid january in the uk as well as having more of a pick of theatres across europe.  after the uk dates, we plan to go to sundance film festival with a documentary film that the lads have made on the road with the swell season over this past few years. then from about feb 5th we'll be touring europe in the same or at least similar places as id already announced. i think with the tickets that you already have, if you want to keep hold of them theyll be validated for the new shows or, if you can't make the shows in jan/feb - you will be able to get a full refund at point of purchase.  i will keep you posted on how this will work exactly when i can firm up the new rooms. 

one run that doesn't get affected because it was initially just before all the touring started, (and remains even more so now!), is our run around ireland.  to us they have become a very important get together, and i think we're going to have some fun with them. i know that they will of course be airing the new album along with other things...

we are also delighted to say that  lisa hannigan is to be the very special support guest for all irish dates.

the swell season w/ lisa hannigan. tickets available at the boxoffices or online as follows:

18 - millenium theatre, derry, www.cooldiscsmusic.com or www.milleniumtheatre.com 028 71 260770
21 - wexford opera house, wexford, ireland  - www.wexfordoperahouse.ie, 0539122144
23 - everyman palace theatre, cork, ireland 021 450 1673 www.everymanpalace.com
24 - glor theatre, ennis, ireland 065 684 3103 www.glor.ie
26 - national concert hall, dublin, ireland 01 417 0000 www.nch.ie

and yes, there will be australian/asian dates too before i get badgered - am working on those now, most likely around april 2010.   so, more on the american tour as it happens...more on the new european tour too as soon as i get word...

other stuff... nika is trying to set up a 'share the setlists' corner over at theswellseason.com site, so - if you have any copies in your possession or are simply blessed with a good memory, please send the info to theswellseasonlive@gmail.com along with the date and venue of the show.

our photographer conor mastersons' photo blog from tss at the albert hall last year... theres some beautiful shots here if anyone is interested

back to work. 
im sure you'll be hearing from me real soon with all the other bits and bobs that are in the pipeline. exciting times ahead!! 

take care.

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