Dave Hingerty

Dave Hingerty played drums and percussion with The Frames from 1998 – 2003 on several tours, as well as on the albums For the Birds, Breadcrumb Trail, and Set List. Fans from that period surely recall his “hands-on” technique while playing “Lay Me Down” in concert.

Since then has performed with such renowned artists as Kila, Paul Brady, Bronagh Gallagher, Lisa Lambe, The Swell Season, and Josh Ritter. He has also spent time in the studio with Steve Albini (Nirvana), Trevor Horn (Grace Jones), and Brian Deck (Modest Mouse).

He is currently producing a group of musicians known as Side 4 Collective, where Dave’s melodic and primal drum patterns are the first point of writing, and other artists were invited to experiment and record their uninhibited ideas to these beats (‘like throwing paint on canvas’ as Pete Townsend put it when he heard about the project). More info about this project can be found at Dave’s website.